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Catching Errors with Application Transaction Monitoring

The goal of application transaction monitoring is to pick up and correct errors and glitches in an online application before the end user discovers them. Companies do not want to get phone calls from customers about the website not working or turn away customers because transactions could not be completed on the website. Just because a website is working it does not necessarily mean that all of the applications on the website are working as they should. This article explains the ways in which errors are detected with application transaction monitoring.

Application Transaction Monitoring Versus Network Monitoring

Application transaction monitoring and network monitoring both are important for a website in order to detect problems.. A network monitoring tool may only observe the actual health of the service. Network monitoring does not alert the IT department when there is an error. With an application transaction monitoring program it imitates an actual user on the site, going through all of the phases of the transaction and creating its own transactions to monitor it. Application transaction monitoring programs monitor all the steps of a transaction and picks up any errors. Once an error is detected an alert is sent to the IT department to be fixed.

Behavioral Scripts with Application Transaction Monitoring

When a website or application is being monitored for errors, often times a behavioral script is created which oversees the step-by-step process of the user. The behavioral script imitates where a user would go on the site and the process and path the user would take on the website. Many application transaction monitoring programs achieve this through a regular web browser that a real customer would use for an accurate collection of data and for the proper detection of errors.

Installation of Application Transaction Monitoring Programs

Some application transaction monitoring programs do not require the installation of the program into the system. Instead, the monitoring would be a service that cuts out the need for system installation. Programs can run on a scheduled basis. Some sites that have a large volume of customers on a daily basis should have application transaction monitoring running on a continual basis.

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web application monitoring, website performance monitoring, Amazon AWS Monitoring, cloud monitoring, transaction monitoring